I know that my times away with Fellowship Adventures have been some of the best , most enjoyable, encouraging and restorative days of my life.
— Anonymous Guest

Canadian Wilderness Fly In Walleye Fishing
on Legendary Lake Of The Woods

Each summer we are blessed to invite a few friends to join us on one of the most revered locations in the fishing world – Lake of the Woods. A place that is remote, pristine, perfect. Our guests experience the thrill of a fly-in fishing retreat with all the comforts of our 5-Star Custom Floating lodges where private rooms, gourmet food, unforgettable sunsets, campfires and fellowship await in one of God’s most beautiful spots.

The Fishing is fantastic, in addition to our target species Walleye. We catch small mouth bass, giant crappie, jumbo Perch, northern pike and what many consider the greatest fresh water trophy of all …The Muskie. Called the fish of ten thousand casts. They are illusive, but each summer we catch and release many fish over 40”.

But, the fishing is just the beginning. In contrast to an outfitter or a guide service, we are ministry guys that love to fish and fellowship. Our friends that have joined us in the past have often said it feels like a sacred place, where you feel a kinship with Jesus where the book of Luke even tells us, “Yet He frequently withdrew to the wilderness to pray.”

We will send you all the information you need about what to pack and what to expect from our time together.

The Lake

Lake of the Woods... just the name conjures up images of the pioneer spirit. From the first nations tribes that battled for control of the amazing lake in the 1600’s, to the era of French control, then the English and the presence of the Hudsons Bay Company when the beaver trade impacted the entire world, Lake of the woods has continued to capture the imagination of explorers and adventures even today. This giant lake covers two Canadian providences and a small portion even belongs to the US. With over 65,000 miles of shore line and near 15,000 islands it is unlike anywhere in the world.

Our Lodging

It is here in its most wilderness area of the lake FA has based our Luxury Floating Wilderness Lodges. At 80 feet long one boat serves as our guests private lodging and lounge and the other is our dining area and crew quarters. These amazing boats were custom built for FA. Privates rooms, beautiful bathrooms and showers, comfortable seating, heating and AC, it is truly five star lodging in the middle of the wilderness.


The Fishing

LOW is one of the great Walleye fisheries in the world and our target species (and the best shore lunch you will ever eat). We will use top quality spinning reals (all your equipment is provided) and jig for these great fish. We practice catch and release with the exception of the fish we eat for lunch each day. The “eater” walleyes average 15’-18’ and we catch many trophy fish near 30” each year. After lunch we will travel the lake casting and jigging looking for more walleyes, northern pike, small mouth bass, giant crappie and jumbo perch. You are always one cast away from the ultimate fresh water trophy. The giant Lake of The Woods Muskie. They are called "the fish of ten thousands casts", but each year we catch some monsters. Last year we boated over twenty Musikes between 40” & 50”!! If you are a veteran fisherman or new to the sport you will love this fun, easy fishing in an incredibly beautiful lake.

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