Experience has taught us that people who give their lives to the ministry and service of others, are often in desperate need of personal encouragement, recreation and rest. Most left to their own choices will rarely take a break. Add in the expense and/or time commitment of a trip and that is often all the excuse they need to stay home and to keep pushing.

Unfortunately, we have all seen the inevitable burnout that often results.


--- 70% ---
of non-profit leaders report that they do not have one close friend.


--- 45% ---
of those serving in non-profit leadership are in or near burnout.


--- 52% ---
of marriages of those who serve in non-profit leadership will end in divorce.

We have been eyewitnesses to the impact that a Fellowship based hunting or fishing trip can have on these good people.

It is a simple thing that yields unexpected results.

If you have joined us on an FA trip, you know what we mean. It's the change of the daily rhythms of life, a different landscape, a kind word or quite simply spending time with others who aren't looking for anything outside of simply being present.

We extravagantly care for people and allow them to unwind in a safe, encouraging environment. We send them home and they return to what God has called them to: often with a tired body, but a refreshed spirit and outlook.

We consider it a privilege to play our part in encouraging, supporting and giving back to those faithful folks who tirelessly serve and give of themselves to others.

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Geoff, and the guys at Fellowship Adventures, have reminded me, even forced me occasionally, to think about the importance of slowing down and taking a break. It's not really in my nature to do that.

I've gone home from a fishing or hunting trip, with more than just good stories to tell, but a refreshed heart and in better shape to be the husband, father and ministry leader I'm called to be.

— Tim